The 2nd International Conference on Material Strength and Applied Mechanics (MSAM 2019)
Kiev, the capital and largest city of Ukraine, is located in the north central part of Ukraine on the Dnieper River. Kiev covers an area of 839 sq. km and has a population of 2.93 million. The city probably existed as a commercial center as early as the 5th century, making it one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. During the country's transformation to a market economy and electoral democracy, Kiev has continued to be Ukraine's major administrative, cultural and scientific center.

 Saint Sophia's Cathedral

As the main temple of the Kievan Rus founded by Yaroslav the Wise in 11th century, St. Sophia’s Cathedral is not only the oldest cathedral in Kiev, but by far the most spectacular. It is the first heritage site in Ukraine to be inscribed on the World Heritage List along with the Kiev Cave Monastery complex.
The cathedral is famous for its mosaics and frescos by Byzantine masters that date back to the 11th century. Marvelous frescos decorate walls, pillars and vaults. Notes and images on the walls and architectural details of St. Sophia Cathedral, known as Sophia graffiti, are of great historical value. About 300 graffiti relate political events of ancient days and historical personalities. Nowadays St. Sofia Cathedral is an architectural and historical preserve. It ranges among the most beautiful temples of Kiev and the city's best known landmarks.

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Address: 24, Volodymyrska street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
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 Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is one of the biggest and greatest Orthodox churches. Together with the Saint Sophia Cathedral, it is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to historical chronicles, it was founded in 1051, when Reverend Anthony settled in one of the Varangian caves that is a part of the Far Caves nowadays ("pechera" means "cave"). In June 1988, in commemoration of the 1,000 anniversary of Kievan Rus Baptism, the territory of the Far Caves and all the monastery buildings were transferred to the possession of the newly created Pechersk community. Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra still remains the sacred place and the center of pilgrimage of Orthodox Christians from all over the world. Thanks to Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Kiev is known as the "Russian Jerusalem".

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Address: Building 42, 15, Lavrska street, Kiev, Ukraine, 01015
Tel.: +380-44-255-12-37

 The Central Botanical Garden

The Central Botanical Garden is probably the most picturesque garden in Kiev. It was founded in 1936. Its total area equals 130 hectares and contains over 13,000 kinds and sorts of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants from all the world continents. The Botanical Garden boasts a great amount of coniferous trees, flowers, such as peonies, roses, magnolias, and bushes, like lilac, locust and many other plants. The garden contains a number of hothouses, conservatories, greenhouses and rosaries. It is the place where the guests can see exotic plants, attend the flowers exhibitions, take a walk along the beautiful lilac and rose alleys, enjoy the exquisite scents and aromas.
The Central Botanical Garden and adjoining Vidubitsky monastery create a charming and unique corner of Kiev, which is perfect for family rest or spending some time alone with nature and surrounding beauty.

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Address: 1, Timiryazevska street. Pechersky district.
Tel.: 044 285 4105

 Independence Square

The Independence Square, or Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is the central square in Kiev, the main and the most beautiful one. Parades, concerts, festivals and other city arrangements and holidays take place on this square. It contains six fountains, Independence Column and artificial waterfall. The Independence Square has much to offer: the huge building with the tower and chimes, the Trade Union Association Office and other attractions. The left side of the Independence square is covered with granite. The splendid panoramic view of Old Kiev opens from the upper floors of the square buildings. One can see the domes of Sofia Cathedral built in the 11th century, Andreevskaya Church built in the 18th century, City Parliament, the Central Mall, and a lot of administrative buildings. A great amount of shops, hotels and cafes are situated on the Independence square. Two metro stations, Kreschatik and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, are also situated nearby.

 Khreshchatyk Street

Khreshchatyk is the most famous street (1.2 km) of Kiev and a definite must see for any guest of the city wanting to feel the rhythm of the Ukrainian capital. It is the main street of Kiev and offers a wide variety of activities and attractions including, restaurants, museums, bars, shops and malls. Today, it is also the home of administrative and business organizations who hold their office here.

 National Opera of Ukraine

The National Opera of Ukraine dates from the 19th century (1867) when the Kiev Opera Group was formed. In 1896 the old building of the theatre, designed by architect I. Shtrom, was burnt to ashes and on its place the new one was constructed. Victor Shreter, the talented architect from Saint Petersburg, erected a splendid Neo-Renaissance building, which has preserved till nowadays. Now the National Opera of Ukraine is one of the most successful theaters in the country. It can be proved not only by the immense popularity of the theater, but also by the numerous awards at different theatrical festivals. The troupe tours a lot and the theater-goers in Spain, Italy, USA, Poland, Hungary and other countries of the world are well acquainted with the repertoire of the theatre.

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Address: vul. Volodymirska, 50, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (044) 235-26-06

 National Art Museum of Ukraine

The National Art Museum has been officially running for over one hundred years and has seen much change in the different art forms and styles over this time period. Now when you go visit the museum you will see a number of collections focused on fine artwork from artists who were born and who worked in Ukraine, as well as those who were born in Ukraine but have continued their art careers elsewhere. An example of some of these Ukrainians, which the Art Museum exhibits, includes Taras Shevchenko, N. Pimonenko, G. Narbut and V. Tropinin.
The standard of the National Art Museum and the art pieces that it collected stepped up to international level in the 1990's. Not only did the museum become more recognized world wide, but the artists who had contributed to the collections became better known, some moving up to the elite international art class. Today the museum continues to keep up with art world, collecting new art collections all the time and introducing the world to new, up and coming Ukrainian artists.

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Address: 6 Hrushevsky Street, Kiev, Ukraine
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